Sorry, Idea Camp is not running in 2018!

What was it about?

Idea Camp in the Dublin Institute of Technology was Ireland’s first ever academy of creative play. The aim of the camp was to nurture lifelong creativity as an essential skill in a well-rounded education.



Explore Ideas

All great advances in the world come from powerful ideas.


Idea Camp is built on the philosophy that we are all born with an innate ability to create based on nurturing ideas.

We will help the participants to learn how to explore and develop their own ideas.

Discovery and Learning

During Idea Camp we will discover five subject areas – Music, Food, Design, Media and Games.


They will be the canvas on which we experiment with new forms of creativity. By immersing ourselves in these subjects we will learn how to use our creativity to make a real impact on the world.

We will write songs, make new games, and design news product, and with each assignment discover more about the power of creativity and ideas.

Creative Thinking

Creativity is not a talent – it is a way of operating.


During Idea Camp our academics will help participants understand the power of creative thinking as a lifelong skill to solve problems.

We will work with a variety of creative tools to find the answers to the problems they encounter in school, in life and in work.

The People

The ethos of Idea Camp is grounded in the creative play teaching method.


DIT staff will be working with Idea Camp to strengthen our research into the area of creative play.